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The Best Development … Human Development

The Best Development … Human Development


The Development Group for Project Management, through its nucleus HDTC, was established in 2013 as a registered company in the United Arab Emirates. It is distinguished by the diversity of its activities, which include consultancy, training, development, and media. The group passionately seeks to create a unique work environment that fosters creativity and enhances collective cooperation, with a strong focus on maintaining and continuously developing existing competencies. Furthermore, the Development Group for Project Management is characterized by its strong commitment to applying the latest industrial practices and adopting the best methods and technologies in its various fields. The group places interaction with its clients and understanding their needs at the core of its strategy, striving to deliver innovative and tailored solutions that precisely and effectively meet those needs. The group relies on strategic partnerships as a primary method to achieve excellence and fulfill the goals of distinguished stakeholders, in addition to maintaining a constant focus on ensuring the quality of services provided and actively participating in achieving the visions and aspirations of nations. The group is dedicated to achieving operational excellence across all subsidiary companies, thereby enhancing its position as a trusted and innovative partner in the global business market.



In pursuit of our mission to construct and rehabilitate human resources with a visionary outlook, and guided by our motto "The best construction... is the construction of minds," aiming to achieve an economy built on diverse knowledge and establish the foundations of excellence, the Development Group was established. This group is structured to expand horizontally geographically and vertically scientifically, emphasizing diversity in training and developing human resources across various fields. Additionally, we adopt the construction of administrative structures for institutions, companies, and organizations with a distinctive consultative philosophy, harvesting awards and top rankings in competition. Within our group, we rely on a distinguished team to excel, grounded in values that have become ingrained beliefs and are embraced within the work environment.


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